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Text Reading 'Together, we are creating Healthier Tomorrows for more kids from coast to coast' from Child & Youth Mental Health A Family of Support.
Text Reading 'Together, we are creating Healthier Tomorrows for more kids from coast to coast' from Child & Youth Mental Health A Family of Support.

A Year of A Family of Support

As we learn and collaborate, even more potential for impact is coming into view.

“The work being accomplished by our partners from across the Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations network will truly mean a better quality of health and life for countless young people and their families.”

- Heather Sobey-Connors

Big Impact in Year 1

The partnership is more vital than ever as we work to support kids and families who need us to help nurture each child’s mental health.


The total funds raised through A Family of Support: Child & Youth Mental Health Initiative in 2020.

  • $1,350,000 in direct donations have been distributed across the 13 children’s hospital foundations to priority programs.
  • $2,083,131 in in-store local campaigns have been directed to the most urgent needs for care and training in 2020 identified by the child and youth mental health departments of each hospital.

The 13 Hospital Foundations

Each hospital has identified a local, evidence-based initiative for support through the Initiative. Whether it was a new program or pilot, or the enhancement of an existing program to support the mental health of children and youth.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Logo

Bringing a Mental Health Education Strategy

Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation Logo

Advancing and Personalizing Treatment

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation Logo

Enhancing Urgent Mental Health Services

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation Logo

Creating Safe Environments for Care

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba Logo

Creating Care that’s Closer to Home

Children’s Health Foundation Logo

Knowing the Signs with the Prospect Program

CHEO Foundation Logo

Supporting Children & Youth with Suicidal Thoughts

McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation Logo

Reducing Teen Suicide with the I Am Safe program

SickKids Foundation Logo

Providing a Success Roadmap with Neuropsychological Assessments

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation Logo

Making Care More Accessible

CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation Logo

Creating Excellent Care

IWK Foundation Logo

Bringing Partnerships that Transform Care with The Learning Link

Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation Logo

Advocating for the Vulnerable

A National Challenge with New Urgency

2020 marked the uniting and strengthening of our regional and national ecosystem of mental health care for children and youth.

In 2020, the Sobey Foundation and Sobeys Inc. formally partnered with Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations.

The aim was to address the urgent need for earlier interventions and better access to mental health care, but we could not have imagined how much more urgent those needs would soon become. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress, isolation, and reports of abuse while moving care out of reach for many.

Our partnership is more vital than ever as we work to support kids and families who need us. So, we’re committed to supporting care and training initiatives led by the Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations network.

“Our stores have an incredible legacy of contributing to their local communities and the wonderful Sobey family, through their foundation, has a proud history of championing mental health challenges.”

- Michael Medline, President & CEO of Empire

Architecture of Strategy

Mental health issues are widespread and services are struggling to keep pace, but young people deserve better outcomes.

Although investments in prevention and early intervention have the greatest potential to reduce the harm mental illness causes, acute care demands a large share of allocated resources. The result? Most children and youth facing mental illness cannot access services until their issues escalate to a crisis.

Yet, insufficient investment in early interventions causes demand for inpatient and emergency care to grow. All while prospects for good outcomes dwindle. The Sobey Foundation, Sobeys Inc., and Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations aspire to break this cycle. All 15 programs under the Initiative are united in their aim of improving early interventions through enhanced care and training.

This impact report describes how A Family of Support: Child & Youth Mental Health Initiative is empowering hospitals across the country. Responsive to local needs and therefore diverse in their design, they will initiate or expand local, evidence-based programs to make a profound difference in the lives of young people and families.

Our strategic themes of A Family of Support for engaging families in child mental health:



Enhancing case and service delivery for children at risk by adapting clinical spaces to nurture patients.



Expanding mental health training to foster healthier and more resilient families and communities.

Learn more about our 13 hospital foundations

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Year 2 and Beyond

If we change the health of children, we will change the health of Canada. And that’s why A Family of Support is still here to support child mental health services.

“The most extraordinary results of A Family of Support: Child & Youth Mental Health Initiative are yet to come. The progress outlined in this first impact report shows great promise – and we are just beginning.”

- Mark Hierlihy, President & Chief Executive Officer for Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations

As we learn and collaborate, even more potential for impact is coming into view. Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations look forward to work alongside the Sobey Foundation and Sobeys Inc. throughout year two and beyond as we realize urgently needed improvements in care and training in the field of child and youth mental health across Canada.

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  • Always-on content and paid media campaign
  • National “Thank you Sobeys” campaign
  • Above the line awareness campaign
  • In-store fundraising campaign
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  • Year 2 Impact Report
  • Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations disbursement formula re-established